The Monday Muffin Ride

Mon, 22 Aug 2016
from 6:30am to 7:30am

by Alex Leemon
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Time zone: Melbourne
Reminder: None
Ends: 07:30am (duration is about 1 hour)

The Monday Muffin Ride!

This ride caters to both beginners and experienced riders looking for a recovery spin after a big weekend. Meeting each Monday at 6:30AM at the Richmond Town Haul – no set route, just a meander through the surrounding suburbs, just as likely to change on a weekly basis as it is to be invented on the spot.

No drop policy – in fact, the pace shouldn’t even get to a point where anybody will be dropped! This is solid little ring territory – no Strava points or town line sprints on offer. Big ring offenders will be criticised for obscure violations of The Rules (it’s jar you really don’t want to open!)

Coffee and chats (and a muffin perhaps) somewhere in Richmond at 7:30AM.


333 Bridge Rd, Richmond Victoria


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