International Women's Day Hills!

Sun, 8 Mar
from 7:30am to 1:00pm

by Sarah Fitton
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Time zone: Melbourne
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Ends: 01:00pm (duration is about 6 hours)

Why just have one IWD ride when you can have two! Come on a glorious hills ride which will feature some beautiful quiet roads, stunning scenery and great company. We’ll all ride together at a chatty pace for the first 20km or so, then split into a faster speed/longer distance and slower speed/shorter distance group to accommodate our differences. Each group will regroup at regular intervals. The two groups might bump into each other a few times, traveling in opposite directions! 7.30am start at the corner of Lower Heidelberg/Maltravers (same as regular hills ride). We should all be back at East Ivy (East Ivanhoe) cafe a bit before or around midday so I’ll book a big table from 11.30am. Please RSVP for cafe numbers.

Short route:

Long route:

Injured or non-riding women are very welcome to join us at the cafe, please just RSVP for the table booking.


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